Hawk Class
Nimble Ship 1
Max Speed 146.56 m/s
Cargo Space 1575 Units
Hull Strength 3500 Units
Shield Capacity 10000 Units
Energy Capacity 100000 Units
Acceleration Power 0.10 Units
Turn Speed Power 2.50 Units
Fusion Generator 15000 Units
Metal Needed Unknown Units

The Hawk Class is one of the ships the player can control.

  • Note:Values may be outdated.


Maximum Hull Strength: 3500

Shield Capacity: 10000

Cargo Hold

Total Capacity: 1575 units

Energy Storage

Capacity: 100000


Acceleration Power: 0.1

Turnspeed Power: 2.5

Fusion Generator

Charge per Hydrogen: 15000

Plasma Gun

Gun Projectile Damage: 500

Gun Projectile Speed: 25

Gun Projectile Duration: 0 seconds

Gun Projectile Rate: 1.25/second

Laser Gun

Beam Range: 400

Beam Damage: 5000/second

Beam Duration: 1 second

Beam Rate: 0.5/second

Missile Launcher

Missile Damage: 2000

Missile Acceleration: 0.5

Missile Turnspeed: 5

Missile Duration: 3 seconds

Activation Time: 2/10 seconds

Missile Rate: 0.5/second

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